Discover What's Hidden Beneath the Surface

Inspect your sewer lines in Aurora & Centennial, CO with sewer scoping

Your sewer lines are nestled so deep within the ground, surveying their condition is challenging. In order for a technician to discover blockages and cracks, they use the process of sewer scoping. By feeding a small camera into the ground, the technician clearly identifies the source of sewage problems. Investing in this service prevents future problems and helps you avoid costly repairs.

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Awareness is the first step towards prevention

Awareness is the first step towards prevention

SG Rooter offers thorough sewer scoping services in Aurora and Centennial, CO. Getting your sewer line inspected for possible damages keeps your system strong and provides an opportunity for rehabilitation. Some of the most common problems that are unveiled during a sewer scope inspection are:


  • Root intrusion
  • Cracks and holes
  • Pipe separation
  • Physical blockages




This service keeps your home or office in Aurora or Centennial, CO well-maintained.

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