Uncover the Problem

Uncover the Problem

We offer sewer excavation in Aurora & Centennial, CO

Not every pipe problem occurs in an easy-to-reach area. There are times when your blockage occurs underground and can't be cleared by hydro jetting or snaking. SG Rooter offers sewer excavation services to uncover the issue at its source.

We have the experience and equipment to fix what's wrong. We will:


  • Determine the location of the problem
  • Provide you with a price for services
  • Dig up the pipe
  • Reinstall the pipe and fix the problem
  • Cover the pipe back up







Digging up the yard is usually a last resort. Call SG Rooter today to learn more about our plumbing excavation process in the Aurora & Centennial, CO area.


We stand behind all our work

Homebuyers and sellers often schedule sewer excavation to take care of a problem before the closing date. Once a repair takes place, we offer a five-year warranty on the parts and labor for the replaced section.

Schedule plumbing excavation in Aurora & Centennial, CO today by contacting SG Rooter.