Toilet running?

default_blog_imageDoes your toilet fill up or turn on and off spontaneously? It can be as simple as a flapper and in some cases, it could be a fill valve. Call SG Rooter, we can come out and give you an estimate to fix your running toilet.
Remember, we are located in Aurora and service all of the Metro area.
As always, we wish you a happy day and clear drains!

posted: September 28, 2012

Smelly drains

default_blog_imageIs there a bad smell coming from your drains? Try adding some water to the drain, it could be dry.

We wish you a happy day and clear drains. posted: September 25, 2012

Water Heater pans

default_blog_imageIf your water heater is not sitting on a cement floor, it should have a pan under it.
If it does not and your water heater were to leak, it could soak the the flooring and potentially weaken the floor to point in which the water heater could tip over or sink through the flooring. It could cause water leaks, and gas leaks.

We can drain your water heater and add a pan.

Call us!

As Always, we hope you have a great day and clear drains.

posted: September 24, 2012

Garbage Disposal

default_blog_imageDo not take the name seriously! Please do not put your garbage in your disposal.
Doing that will cause excessive wear and tear on your disposal and in most cases, clog your drain.
Foods that have fibers, such as celery, have been known to jam disposals and clog drains.
If you want to sharpen your blades, put some ice in it and run the disposal.
Do not put egg shells or other items that are rumored to sharpen the blades on your disposal.
If your disposal gets in a jam and you can not get it going, give SG Rooter a call. We will come out and solve the problem.
As always, we wish you a happy day and clear drains!
posted: September 19, 2012

Noisy pipes and PRV’s

default_blog_imageDo you have noisy pipes?
Whether it happens while you are using water or it happens when you are not running any plumbing fixtures, like at night, this could be a sign of high water pressure coming in from the city water line. If your house has a pressure regulating valve (PRV) and your pipes are noisy, the PRV may have gone bad. The best way to check is to get a gauge that you can attach to any outside faucet and make sure you do not run any water anywhere else in the house and turn the water on to you outside faucet that the gauge is attached to. If it reads anything over 75 psi for residential application, your PRV is bad and you will need to get it replaced. Call me, if it is a standard PRV replacement, with no complications, most of the time, I can give you a price over the phone, If you do not have a PRV in your property, you can still check your pressure as described above and/or call us.
Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Aurora, and Littleton are known to have high water pressure problems. If you have high water pressure and do not correct it, you are at high risk of premature wear and tear to your plumbing fixtures. This could cause leaks to your faucets and other plumbing fixtures, shower drips, leaky supply lines, noises when you flush the toilet, etc. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about any plumbing or drain problems and…
As always, we wish you a happy day and clear drains! posted: September 18, 2012


default_blog_imageWow, and just like that, summer in Aurora is gone!!
Now you need to start thinking about avoiding those frozen pipes that you got last year. Don’t forget to disconnect your hoses to avoid outside frozen faucets and costly pipe repairs. Also, you’ll want to contact your favorite landscaper to winterize your sprinklers, you don’t want your vacuum breaker to freeze.
And don’t forget, a yearly sewer cleaning to maintain your sewer line can help avoid a sewer back up, especially if you have had a sewer clog or a drain clog before.
We wish you a happy day and clear drains!
posted: September 17, 2012